Migrant and Ethnic Community support Trust

Migrant and Ethnic Community support Trust is a non profit charitable trust , that aims to achieve social , equity , inclusion and social cohesion by better economic integration of the migrant workers , refugees and people from the ethnic communities in the New Zealand society.


The trust aims to provide support to migrant professional advice , for them to excel in their careers prospect and integrate in the New Zealand community.

We provide is a FREE service providing tailored employment solutions for new skilled migrants and employers who are looking to fill vacancies.


  • Job Placement and CV and interview guidance
  • Provide free Immigration advice on Immigration issues
  • Provide Career guidance and Education advice
  • Aim to Reduces Inequality of income and opportunity
  • Aim to Increases Economic wellbeing
  • Aim for Better Social Cohesion
  • Provide Greater community wellbeing
  • Advice on Family issues and safety
  • Liaise with employer who require Migrant Staff
  • Relationship building to connect , support and advocate for the refugee and migrant communities
  • Relationship building to foster participation of Newcomers in the community
  • Interpreting and Translating
  • Help Migrant and Refugees to settle in New Zealand


We can help you if you have:

  • NZ citizenship, NZ residency or Full and open work visa
  • Post-study work visa
  • The right to work in New Zealand and you or your partner’s employment has been affected by Covid-19

Please contact us to confirm your eligibility.

We offer:

  • CV and cover letter advice for the current job market
  • Assistance to transfer your skills and experience into the NZ workforce
  • Interview preparation
  • Career information
  • Support into work
  • Workshops and network support


Goursundar Debnath

I was so happy as I was a student at Hayley and Migrant & Ethnic support trust help me to find a job as a Caregiver and now I am able to support financially in my study .
Thanks you for the support!

Gerry Rosario

I was very pleased from Migrant & Ethnic community trust for helping to get a job offer and they have acted professionally in terms of COVID-19